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From day traders to diamond-handed holders, Elevault offers a carefully designed ecosystem of options to invest and win in the way of your choosing


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The sale end date:

May 15th

or when supplies run out


Ecosystem Overview




Continuous , Flexible Rewards

The weekly lottery and staking redistribute tokens taken as fees, with multiple options to accumulate lottery tickets based on your preferences.


Security Through Limits & Governance

The team will only be able to change specific variables within predefined limits immediately post-launch to make any necessary fine tuning to the ecosystem. One month after launch smart contract control will be relinquished to community governance. These elements together provide security in flexibility in the short term while foundation funds are no yet vested and community control in the long term.


Sustainable Ecosystem

Elevault's deliberately designed deflationary system has been built to power a strong and enduring future. Trading drives lottery tickets which drives more trading, sustaining burn through the 1% removed for each trade. No additional Elevault tokens can ever be created.

Public Sale

Token Distribution

  • Presale - 7.5%

    Your first chance to purchase Elevault tokens and trade license NFTs, at a discount and until supply runs out. Learn more about our groundbreaking presale money-back guarantee on the presale page or through our whitepaper. Visit socials for whitelisting information in order to participate April 3rd - 10th.

  • Public Sale - 20%

    Open sale of Elevault tokens at list price and your last chance to purchase trade license NFTs. April 24th - May 1st or until supply runs out.

  • Treasury - 22.5%

    Funding for ongoing development, marketing, community management, and execution of other strategic initiatives. Allocation to match presale and public sale levels by burning excess quantities. For example, if 25% of tokens allocated to sale are not sold, 25% of treasury tokens will be burned at launch.

  • Founders/Team - 20.0%

    Incentives for the founding team, vesting monthly over 12 months post-launch. Similar to treasury, the allocation will be matched to presale and public sale levels through burning of excess tokens.

  • Community - 20.0%

    Tokens to be used for airdropping, contests, special additions to the lottery, and more

  • Liquidity - 10.0%

    Tokens to be used to create liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges